BLiNQ Media, part of Gannett G/O Digital, is a leading social media technology innovator offering optimization and analytical tools for advertisers. BLiNQ Media solutions drive reach and brand engagement and deliver conversions, quickly scaling measurable results.
Powered by a robust proprietary platform, BLiNQ Media services dynamically automate complex campaign planning, execution, management, optimization and audience insights.  Since 2008, BLiNQ Media has managed campaigns for more than 600 of the world's largest advertisers.
Audience LiFT dynamically aggregates, categorizes and scores all topic and interest data on Facebook to find the top areas of affinity and opportunity, allowing BLiNQ to identify new audiences of scale that are most likely to convert at the lowest cost.
Our turnkey solution allows advertisers to achieve local marketing at scale, driving impact beginning with conversation and engagement, carried through in-store conversion. Using Shoplocal and BLiNQ’s integrated & automated platform, content from digital data feeds are transformed into ads and delivered to a targeted audience based on that content, thus delivering a turnkey solution to drive social messaging at the national and localized level for clients.
Measured LiFT is our analytics dashboard that providers marketers with deep insights into the audience and the content that is most effectively driving engagement.
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Managed Services
At BLiNQ Media, we pride ourselves on our reputation for white-glove managed services to all of our clients. We simplify social advertising campaigns by providing The Right Social Mix for brands to efficiently drive the best results.
BLiNQ has worked with over 600+ of the world's leading brands and agencies to manage social advertising initiatives that drive reach and brand engagement on Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook PMD
We are one of fourteen companies to hold both Ads & Insights Badges.
We recently were named a winner in Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developers Innovation Competition.
Part of G/O Digital
We are a proud member of the G/O Digital Family, a leading provider of digital and traditional media solutions at the national and local levels.
Our proprietary technology allows BLiNQ Media to deliver turnkey solutions that allows for intelligent amplification of current messaging through social media.
Kelley Gott
EVP, Sales, Marketing and Account Services
Chad Estes
EVP, Product
Todd Santa Maria
Group Director, Account Services
Melissa Thurber
VP, Product Management
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